Review 2 (The Devil Due)



Okay this movie I was really excited to watch at first I was like hmmm an anti-christ movie that is cool, lets see what they can do I mean it couldn’t be as bad a Paranormal Activity (btw PA 2 I LOVED) All the other P Activity movies sucked! anyways couldn’t be as bad WRONG! It starts out this this guy stalking this women with her friend through her door window, he sneaks in and scares her then comes to find out that, it is her fiance.  It was her bachoral party, they are about to get married alot like the beginning of Breaking Dawn, T_T yea I went there.  They get married, go to San diago I am not sure California though? I think another San diago?  They party they had fun, except right at the end of the day they get lost in the city taking the wrong road, and a random taxi comes around, tells them that they are going have this great party to go to that use to be a nuclear plant.  They get drunk go sleep in the place, some “scary” stuff happens and they wake up in there hotel.  Like 2 days later she is pregnant, but not just normal pregnant.  But 3 weeks pregnant that is when shit hits the wall.  I watched this movie yesterday hoping for some excitement.  89 minutes later, I was VERY Disappointed.  It really wasn’t that scary AT ALL!!!! Just shit it the wall, and OH NO IT’S THE ANTI-CHRIST T_T yea terrifying.  In reality yes but in a movie no T_T the omen was even scarier than this.  


I am like the IMDb Rated it 3 out of 10 there was 3.9 out of 10 but I am not that nice it really doesn’t deserve the 9 points.  Anyways terrible movie, it was dark most of the time, kind of blurry, wasn’t worth my time, it was boring and slow and the camera is everywhere which isn’t always bad like cloverfield.  Anyways I’m Luna Eclipsed FLYING OUT!


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