(SPOILER) The Lion Guard: Return Of The Roar

Hello Everyone this is Luna Eclipsed,

Once Again I will be writing to tell you about something I have seen and give you a rating and this time the show that I will be rating is “The Lion Guard: Return Of The Roar”.  First of all I was kind of excited to see another lion king movie XD.  So the other day it came on and I went to see it online a website where I watch ALL of my toons.

(The Start)

Simba and Nala had another kid named “Kion” and there daughter Kiara is still there as well, but how?

(1st thing wrong)

Simba and Nala had a little cub named Kion, who is younger than Kiara BUT! How can you say that when you CLEARLY SEEN The lion king 2 Simba’s Pride! there was just Kiara who grew up and didn’t want to be queen.  HOWEVER! In this show that isn’t the case, she is a LITTLE older than him AND! she wants to be queen I mean come on Disney T_T get your shit right! I mean did the lion king two happen OR NOT!

(2nd thing wrong)

Simba was over protective of Kiara in the lion king 2, but in this one he doesn’t mind that she goes, but is more worried about Kion and “obtaining” this magic roar called “The Roar of the kings” it is then said that Scar had the roar once and was the leader of the lion guard, but! he used it for evil and in return LOST IT! because he wanted to be king.  T_T well anyways though and so Simba is worried about this happening to Kion his only son *ugh* thanks for the support dad.

(3rd thing wrong)

The dad told him that he was ready to go and find a NEW lion guard but! he didn’t say just made of lions which he didn’t and said he wasn’t ready soon after THAT’S JUST RACIST! LOL.

All in all, the Music was AMAZING I WAS SOOO EXCITED WITH THE MUSIC!!!! IT REALLY Brought out the good music AND THE AWESOME Actual disney villian song ACTUALLY reminded me of Be Prepared XD with songs including:

Tonight We Strike: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05ViXbWpHoY


Zuka Zama (Which might as well be live is careful and have fun): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M14LzedBXsk

But the visuals egh not so great, alot like the lion king 2 the visuals were as we say “half assed” lol.  The thing that irritated me the most though was the bad guy WHO WAS A HYENA!!!! OMG WHAT! Aren’t they followers of scar at there time? so there is another thing wrong and not only that but I loved that they took the ORIGINAL Voice of Mufasa and put him in it XD I was like fan girl OMG OMG OMG THAT IS THE BEST!!!

That is all I have to say in a review rating it would be a 7/10 Lions XD

Luna Over And Out!