Anime Movies/Animes Review 1 (Angel’s Egg)


Angel’s Egg Or (Tenshi No Tamago)

This movie is very unique in a way, it is VERY confusing at the beginning and I don’t understand quite what it means though a lot of the movie.  It is a artsy, Gothic culture like artwork and display.  I just finished watching it but not before I read a little up on it so I was a bit aware of what was going on.  It starts out with a little girl who is unnamed is running through the forest, with something in her dress, which you don’t find out till about 4-5 minutes in that it is an egg.  That she loves and treasures it holding it close to her.  Who goes looking for water and runs into a unnamed man who follows her home though she tells him not too or to touch her egg.  There is VERY little talking in this movie, and it kind of made me thing of Han’s Christian Anderson’s story of the little mermaid.

The song choice and horrifying idea are the same along with the innocence of the whole story.  For starters, Because of the minimal dialog in Angel’s Egg, much of the film’s intended meaning is portrayed through visuals and symbols. Because of the surreal nature of the film (and no official explanation by its creators), it is open to multiple or even conflicting interpretations, as one can see below. Many or all of the symbols in Angel’s Egg can be related to religion, specifically Christianity. Mamoru Oshii also directed Patlabor, Ghost in the Shell, and myriads of other works that contain Christian themes and references. He claimed to be a Christian himself and trained in seminary for priesthood in his youth, but is rumored to have renounced the religion before working on Angel’s Egg. I read on another post what it could represent and so I will tell you what I thought it was then what it actually probably is.

The Egg
(My Idea)  
To Me the Egg meant something alive in the world they live in though I wasn’t aware of what it cold be from the start of the movie I just thought an bird *shrugs*.  However the meaning by this person which makes more since, but it is up to the people who are watching it because there isn’t a written exact truth to the story.
(Other Persons) 
1st interpretation: The egg can be seen as symbolizing the young girl’s innocence. It is something which she protects and holds on to, but is ultimately stolen.
2nd interpretation:   Another interpretation states that the egg is the “spiritual seed” planted in a human soul via the Gospel of Jesus Christ – a special kind of meme which tries to take root in a person’s soul. It is something she protects amidst a dark world, but it is eventually “reaped” by the Christ-like character after she had journeyed with and entrusted him. Eventually, she reaches “spiritual maturity” while passionately pursuing the path of Christ, and thus bears fruit “many times what was sown”, as the parable goes. This was indicated by the production of many eggs from her mouth (her spiritual “fecundity” or “witness”). The small egg represents a “quanta”, if you will, of the Gospel that was planted in her soul when she heard or saw something revelatory concerning God’s Salvation. This must have happened before the portrayed story began. The egg was brought to life as a result of being “wooed” by the Christ-man, and then once it was fully released, she charged directly after the Christ on the “narrow path” (Matthew 7:13,14) to spiritual maturity. The metaphor is equivalent to a maturing plant producing heads of grain, but Oshii adapted Yeshua’s parable to the production of eggs instead of seeds, possibly in order to merge it with the metaphor of the dove and the ark as expounded below.
The Big Egg On Tree Stalks

(My Ideas)

When I first saw that which wasn’t till much later in the movie I was wondering what the birds symbolized and then thought of what he said?  the story the man told the girl.  I later thought they represented birds but I thought they represented gods, well I had that one right, but I thought that with the shadow fish which I will explain next.

(Other Person’s Idea) 

Near the end of the film, we see organic tree-like structures holding giant eggs with unborn birds inside. These likely represent the spiritual being awaiting the realization of its true form in the afterlife- where each of these saints are “glorified”, attaining angelic forms(flying birds being symbolic of Angels), as supported in the very end by: (1)the appearance of the giant eggs after her own small one had been cultivated by the Christ-figure. (2)the girl’s angelic appearance as part of the Godhead (the giant eye-like thing).
The root-like growths holding the eggs were foreshadowed earlier by the Yeshua character as (paraphrased)”a great tree, sapping the ground to grow and reach up, as if to grasp… something.”. The tree/egg combination, along with the Christ character’s explanation of the tree of life, portrays it to be a symbol of true Christianity and its spiritual implications. He gives us the sense that the tree/eggs are the final stage of an evolving line of energy, matter, and eventually living things: initially emanating out from pure Spirit(Giant Eye descending), yet over the eons striving to return to the source… to finally “grasp the hand that feeds it”, as it were. The eggs, we see, were located at the tops of the tree trunks, holding the unborn chicks. Each of the giant eggs probably represented a human soul which would be preserved through the Last Judgmenton the Noah’s Ark of Christ (meaning Yeshua is a sort of spiritual ark for souls), and so become glorified as part of the Godhead, as we see in the end. In other words, the giant eggs represent the second to last step of the ultimate aim of life, the universe, and everything: dead(sleeping) saints awaiting their ultimate glorification. The very last step being the actual glorification or realization of the saints and assumption to the Godhead, as we saw in the end where the Godhead(giant floating eye) was populated by the permanent(eternal) presence of the saints, with our little girl among them.



The Man

(My Idea)

When I first saw him I just thought that maybe he was a soldier? that I wasn’t sure why out of all the people of things he was with he was the only one to come out and why there? why did he want to know about the egg? Later we came to thing that he maybe was a priest for the fact of how much he knew about the bible and how much he quoted from the noah ark story.  So I thought that maybe he was one for another reason is that he knew so much yet so little and the only people I know that can remember that much are priest and pastors XD.  I thought he wasn’t a bad guy until the end then I didn’t understand why he did that to someone who sweet but it made since……T_T.

(Other Person’s Idea) 

The man in Angel’s Egg physically portrays a Christ-like figure. In the beginning he is seen standing on a chess board, facing the giant Eye (presumably representing the Godhead, especially God the Father capacity, since it was sending him out). He arrives in the girls life on a bizarre procession of mechanistic/organic(and phallic?!) machines, which most probably represent ancient Judaism, in reference to Matthew 11:12, where the “Kingdom of God” is forcefully advanced by the Law and the prophets. This explains the war-like (battle tanks) and distinctly male appearance of the machines.
He carries a cross on his back and wears bandages on his hands, both of which are strongly reminiscent of Christian mythos.

(1)1st interpretation: In this particular movie this figure is shown in a clearly negative light, first telling the girl that he would protect her and eventually stealing away from her the egg which she cherishes so lovingly. Following this line of interpretation, some have taken The Angel’s Egg to represent Oshi’s own fallout with Christianity.

(2)2nd interpretation: A different interpretation sees the figure in a very positive light: as being her companion and protector in a violent, illusory world, and bringing to fruition what she couldn’t have done on her own. He uses the crucifix to do this, in reference to Matthew 16:24 He actually explains his motives for breaking the egg: Without opening it, one may never realize the potential of whats inside. He overcame her selfish tendency to keep the egg(gospel seed) hidden, by wooing her companionship and trust. This is probably an allusion to “walking in Christ” or “living by the Spirit of Christ”.



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