(SPOILER) The Lion Guard: Return Of The Roar

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Once Again I will be writing to tell you about something I have seen and give you a rating and this time the show that I will be rating is “The Lion Guard: Return Of The Roar”.  First of all I was kind of excited to see another lion king movie XD.  So the other day it came on and I went to see it online a website where I watch ALL of my toons.

(The Start)

Simba and Nala had another kid named “Kion” and there daughter Kiara is still there as well, but how?

(1st thing wrong)

Simba and Nala had a little cub named Kion, who is younger than Kiara BUT! How can you say that when you CLEARLY SEEN The lion king 2 Simba’s Pride! there was just Kiara who grew up and didn’t want to be queen.  HOWEVER! In this show that isn’t the case, she is a LITTLE older than him AND! she wants to be queen I mean come on Disney T_T get your shit right! I mean did the lion king two happen OR NOT!

(2nd thing wrong)

Simba was over protective of Kiara in the lion king 2, but in this one he doesn’t mind that she goes, but is more worried about Kion and “obtaining” this magic roar called “The Roar of the kings” it is then said that Scar had the roar once and was the leader of the lion guard, but! he used it for evil and in return LOST IT! because he wanted to be king.  T_T well anyways though and so Simba is worried about this happening to Kion his only son *ugh* thanks for the support dad.

(3rd thing wrong)

The dad told him that he was ready to go and find a NEW lion guard but! he didn’t say just made of lions which he didn’t and said he wasn’t ready soon after THAT’S JUST RACIST! LOL.

All in all, the Music was AMAZING I WAS SOOO EXCITED WITH THE MUSIC!!!! IT REALLY Brought out the good music AND THE AWESOME Actual disney villian song ACTUALLY reminded me of Be Prepared XD with songs including:

Tonight We Strike: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05ViXbWpHoY


Zuka Zama (Which might as well be live is careful and have fun): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M14LzedBXsk

But the visuals egh not so great, alot like the lion king 2 the visuals were as we say “half assed” lol.  The thing that irritated me the most though was the bad guy WHO WAS A HYENA!!!! OMG WHAT! Aren’t they followers of scar at there time? so there is another thing wrong and not only that but I loved that they took the ORIGINAL Voice of Mufasa and put him in it XD I was like fan girl OMG OMG OMG THAT IS THE BEST!!!

That is all I have to say in a review rating it would be a 7/10 Lions XD

Luna Over And Out!




Review 2 (The Devil Due)



Okay this movie I was really excited to watch at first I was like hmmm an anti-christ movie that is cool, lets see what they can do I mean it couldn’t be as bad a Paranormal Activity (btw PA 2 I LOVED) All the other P Activity movies sucked! anyways couldn’t be as bad WRONG! It starts out this this guy stalking this women with her friend through her door window, he sneaks in and scares her then comes to find out that, it is her fiance.  It was her bachoral party, they are about to get married alot like the beginning of Breaking Dawn, T_T yea I went there.  They get married, go to San diago I am not sure California though? I think another San diago?  They party they had fun, except right at the end of the day they get lost in the city taking the wrong road, and a random taxi comes around, tells them that they are going have this great party to go to that use to be a nuclear plant.  They get drunk go sleep in the place, some “scary” stuff happens and they wake up in there hotel.  Like 2 days later she is pregnant, but not just normal pregnant.  But 3 weeks pregnant that is when shit hits the wall.  I watched this movie yesterday hoping for some excitement.  89 minutes later, I was VERY Disappointed.  It really wasn’t that scary AT ALL!!!! Just shit it the wall, and OH NO IT’S THE ANTI-CHRIST T_T yea terrifying.  In reality yes but in a movie no T_T the omen was even scarier than this.  


I am like the IMDb Rated it 3 out of 10 there was 3.9 out of 10 but I am not that nice it really doesn’t deserve the 9 points.  Anyways terrible movie, it was dark most of the time, kind of blurry, wasn’t worth my time, it was boring and slow and the camera is everywhere which isn’t always bad like cloverfield.  Anyways I’m Luna Eclipsed FLYING OUT!

Review 1 (Sailor Moon)


It is my favorite series of all time! I can actually say a lot about this series saying I have pretty much seen everything to do with it.  Well almost everything I haven’t seen all the musical which kind of drove me crazy anyways it was completely out of story, it jumped around just to the songs of the original show.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Sailor Moon is about this fourteen year old girl in middle school named Usagi Tsukino, or Usako, or Bunny or from the anime Serena Moon (aka name meaning Rabbit of the moon), who finds this cat that was being abused by kids for pretty much looking different I don’t know T_T or in the manga she trips on her.  She removes the X on its head and the cat has a connection.  Soon later she enters Usagi’s room, through a window to wake her up and tell her that she is Sailor Moon, Usagi thinks it is a dream and can’t believe she is seeing a talking cat and assumes that it is a dream.  The cat (Luna) tells her it isn’t a dream and says she can prove it, giving her a locket and tells her to yell “MOON PRISM POWER MAKE UP!” Transforming her to Sailor Moon.  Yes this is a “Magical Girl show”.  I have some thing to enjoy about this show and not so many lets start with the manga.


Yes it does start out the same, she wakes up late and runs to school asking why her mom never woke her up but instead.  She see trips on Luna (the cat) it looks painful :/.  She goes to her and says she is sorry kissing her on the mouth T_- ? well okay…..the cat scratches her and which that is happening Usagi (That is what I am going to call her) removes the bandage.  They start each other down, then Usagi realizes that she is late and runs off, Luna thinks she is the one.  Anyways (you might see that work a lot) later she turns to sailor moon and hears her friend (Naru aka Molly) because she hears her threw her “head set” XD or meat ball head of hers, also seeing it threw her “mask” soon after freaking out.  Running to save her automatically knowing what to say to the enemy T_T aka catch phrase through the whole ANIME! but not said the same.   (I’M PRETTY SAILOR SUITED OF LOVE AND JUSTICE SAILOR MOON!) She saves Naru, they all explain they all had the same dream, though Usagi didn’t believe it ether.  From that day on Sailor Moon meet new friend like Tuxedo Kamen aka the sailor scouts or inner scouts.  I’ll get to that.  Sailor Mercury or Ami Mizuno a book smart nerd and believe me they need her  T_T and Rei Hino aka Sailor Mars.  Makoto Okay what kind of grown man runs around in a cape, top hat and mask.

Well this guy T_T

T_T like I said DX HORRIBLE! Anyways Tuxedo Mask appears during every battle Sailor Moon is in.   Come to find out he is Mamoru Chiba (guardian in japanese at least Mamoru) I am not sure if they knew from the beginning in the manga or not? They kept showing signs they knew.  Sailor Moon fights the first villian Queen Beryl which apparently liked Mamoru as well aka ALSO Prince Endymion, Usagi being Princess Serenity (Greek Mythology).  They fight her, Endymion is dead or so they think, Serenity tries to kill herself and fails! T_T.  Being saved by locket she gave him when on the moon. Later find out that because they were saved, they ended up having a daughter Chibi-Usa aka Chibi (Small) Usagi (Rabbit) or  Small Lady.


The thing I have to save I do like about this show is the romance never giving up threw space, time, destiny.  I am also quite in love with the couple Seiya X Usagi.  For a long time Mamoru X Usagi.  I enjoy the friendship, the music.  I enjoy the dramatic movies or sadness and hope.



I don’t like Haruka and Michiru’s attitudes T_T.  They are like we are letting people get taken so that way we can save the universe T_T really? FUCKIN REALLY! YOUR A SAILOR FOR GODS SAKE! They think they are better than everyone else and yes they are in movement speed and power but otherwise NO! They don’t care or others as much ether.  They work alone but only with each other.


In Sailor Moon there are characters that are men who turn to women, lesbians.  What the heck? is it going to be like *sigh* I think I am going to be a male today.  transform.  Apparently in season 5 The Starlights are men who turn into women when they transform? O_o but when the manga Haruka does the same, as for in the anime, she is a female (lesbian) who turns to a sailor and is in love with sailor neptune aka Michiru or Michelle.


In the anime Sailor Moon is a girl with meat ball head, yet in real life she wears the same hair dew and the villians are like “I don’t know who sailor moon is” *face palm*.  It is obviously the girl with MEAT BALL HEAD!!!!! Or the name RABBIT OF THE MOON! In the live action now, there hair is black ALL OF THEM! Which made me mad WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT! and when they transformed turned to a different one.


Where is Naru/Molly After Season like 3? she is missing just like Melvin/Umino.  Where did they go? Why aren’t they there anymore?

Where’s Naru-chan?


Sailor Moon is Sailor Cosmos from the future no not even that Chibi-Chibi is Sailor Cosmos, from the future who turned to a little girl! so she wouldn’t seem threatening T_T REALLY! She comes back to the past to make sure that Eternal Sailor Moon kills Galaxica T_T.  I don’t know about you that THAT IS DARK!!!! SAILORMOON ISN’T LIKE THAT! That is why she helped chibi-chibi aka ALSO The light of hope in the anime which is Galaxica’s star seed O_O OUCH MY HEAD!  Apparently Sailor Moon was the only one who survived in the future and so chibi- chibi aka sailor moon went back to make sure that did’t happen.

(CONFUSION 4) Usagi and Seiya’s Love

I am not sure these two love each other the same or not.  In the anime, Usagi thinks of him ad jokes with him, but jokes that he likes her but she doesn’t and accepts him as friends like the last episode -_- *sigh* you are really soo  naive Usagi-chan.  Seiya clearly loves her, and maybe she does to but doesn’t admit it.


WHY IS EVERYONE A SAILOR SCOUT? that means NO ONE IS Special! which in that case means no one in the world is special your normal T_T.

I am done for now with this I rate this 9/10.  If you are againist same sex, half naked girls, confusing story don’t watch T_T.

I’m Luna Eclipsed FLYING OUT!